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Our Campaign Vision is:

To align our Values, Mission, and Resources to step forward in faith toward God’s plan for South Park Community Church’s future.

October, 2021

We greatly appreciate your commitment to our Capital Campaign and are sending this to give you an update on where we stand. We’re nearly complete with construction in the Fellowship Hall building! Our plan is to transition to indoor Worship on October 10 (while still livestreaming each service), and we’re planning to utilize the newly renovated Fellowship Hall for Worship, as the ventilation in the Sanctuary doesn’t make it possible to use that space given Covid-19 considerations.

Thanks again to the many volunteers who’ve already invested their “sweat equity” in the past few months to keep the cost of demo and construction down! Thank you Gerrits and everyone else who’s helped with this Labor of LOVE!

To date you’ve made pledge commitments for $228,732, or 117% of our $195,000 goal! We have received $196,162 in payments towards those pledges as of September 2021 (thanks for your continued faithfulness with paying pledges), and have a balance of $32,570 still receivable. To date we’ve identified $181,447 in expenses we’ve identified on projects along with the repayment of the Presbytery loan (which we’re proceeding to pay down now that we don’t need that $ for cash flow purposes). This will leave us with $14,716 in additional cash along with the receivable balance to complete projects. We still anticipate some additional minor unforeseen expenses as we complete our Fellowship Hall building project list. We’re also planning to do some renovations to Kenny’s office, and installing replacement flooring in the new manse building that we haven’t priced out yet.

This should leave us with approximately $30,000 available for additional items. Our plan is to submit a Shared Ministry Grant proposal to Presbytery to help transform our Sanctuary into a place we can again worship in with confidence, knowing we have done what we can to look out for our congregation and community’s health and well-being. (The idea of this grant is that our congregation will provide half of the funding and Presbytery will provide the other half for a total of $60,000). The proposal will include two projects, including restoration of our 8 church windows to get them into working condition (we have one quote for $23,200), and adding a heating/ventilation system to achieve mechanical ventilation of outdoor air of a minimum of 10 liters/per second/per person along with an airborne pathogen particle filtering/air cleaning system for recirculated/heated air (this would allow as much as $36,800 to complete this portion).

It’s an exciting time for us as a congregation! Thanks once again for your support as we work to fulfill God’s calling for us in this effort.


Dave Sykes

for the Construction Project Management Team

If you would like more information or to participate in this project, brochures and more information are available below. To contribute in the campaign, follow this link to our online-giving page.

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