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Our Campaign Vision is:

To align our Values, Mission, and Resources to step forward in faith toward God’s plan for South Park Community Church’s future.

 November, 2022

We greatly appreciate your commitment to our Capital Campaign and are sending this to give you an update on where we stand.  We’re excited about how much we’ve been able to accomplish through this campaign!  In the last year alone, in addition to finishing the Fellowship Hall remodeling (including the new kitchen, bathrooms, fireplace room & Pastor’s office remodel), we’ve also added an accessible door opener.  Thanks to a matching grant from our Presbytery we’ve been able to stretch our funds to install a new church furnace & add 3 airborne pathogen particle filtering systems to our furnaces (one in the Church & two in Fellowship Hall), and completed a Church historic window restoration.  We’ve also added new flooring to much of the manse.

We’re so very grateful to the many volunteers who’ve invested their “sweat equity” to allow us to keep the cost of demo and construction down!  Thank you Gerrits and everyone else who’s helped with this Labor of LOVE!

To date you’ve made pledge commitments for $230,466, plus the Presbytery’s grant of $22,500, totaling $252,966 in income or 130% of our $195,000 goal!  We have received $229,360 in payments towards those pledges as of Sept 2022 (thanks for your continued faithfulness in paying pledges), and have a balance of $23,606 still receivable.  To date we’ve identified $238,091 in expenses for projects including the repayment of the remaining $30,000 of the Presbytery loan (which we’re proceeding to pay down now that we don’t need that $ for cash flow purposes).  This will leave us with as much as $14,875 in additional cash (assuming all the remaining receivables come in over the next year) to complete projects.  

We have recently discovered that the windows in the manse need to be replaced, along with the Fellowship Hall sliding glass door.  Since we have the need, and we don’t want to leave the Shaw family with drafty windows for another winter, we’ve scheduled the installation for December.  The quote we have puts the replacement cost at $43,239.  We did commit to this with confidence since we can tap into reserve funds that will allow us to do it.  We have made a deposit of $21,621 toward this (which exhausts our Capital Campaign surplus), leaving us a balance of $21,618 remaining due.  We also have approximately $2,500 in carpeting costs identified to complete the manse flooring, bringing our total still due to $23,118.  We have to date received $5,234 in gifts earmarked for this project.  Your generosity is always appreciated.

It continues to be an exciting time for us as a congregation!  We thank you for so many generous and sacrificial gifts of time, talent, treasure and prayer!  Thanks once again for your support as we work to fulfill God’s calling for us in this effort.


Dave Sykes
for the Construction Project Management Team

If you would like more information or to participate in this project, brochures and more information are available below. To contribute in the campaign, follow this link to our online-giving page.

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