Capital Campaign Update • February 2018

February, 2018

We have seen in just three and a half years what God has done and will continue to do through us to make a difference in our lives and our community since calling a new pastor. The possibilities to expand our mission through better utilization of our existing facilities after moving our pastor and his family into a new manse are genuinely exciting. Now the old manse is ready for new opportunities. Our critical need is to renovate, repurpose and rebuild that facility into administrative, educational, fellowship and multipurpose spaces while keeping in mind our goals for expanding our mission in our community, for the next 5, 10, 20, or more years.

The Reclaiming-Revisioning Work Group is now in the final stage of working to gather additional ideas as they create a plan for how to best utilize our wonderful facility for the future. We still want and need your input to be able to do this in the best way possible. Some of the projects that the committee is currently considering for our Campaign improvements include: accessibility access to the Church Sanctuary, renovating & repositioning the fellowship hall kitchen spaces, renovating & creating accessible fellowship hall restrooms, maximizing the usable fellowship hall space, establishing Christian Education classroom & nursery space, and re-zoning the furnace with a more flexible thermostat system. Dale, Jan and their committee are very interested in your ideas as to how we can best understand our needs and utilize this space. Please contact them with any additional ideas you have before their next meeting on February 21! The timing of this is particularly critical, as our architect is completing the “as built” drawings and this will be the final committee meeting to assemble ideas for our plan before meeting with the architect to move forward.

The Capital Campaign Work Group is busy developing plans and materials for the campaign. We’ll be collaborating with the Reclaiming-Revisioning Work Group over the next month or two to complete the campaign budget once the project plan is assembled & prioritized. We still plan to kick off the campaign in the late spring of 2018.

It’s an exciting time for us as a congregation, and we hope and pray that you’ll support both the Reclaiming- Revisioning Work Group and the Capital Campaign Work Group through your ideas, suggestions, and prayers over the coming months as we work to discern God’s calling for us in this Campaign.


Dave Sykes (Chair, Capital Campaign Work Group) & Dale Kanack (Chair, Chair Reclaiming-Revisioning Work Group)

We very much want and need your feedback as a part of this process!

If you’d like to be a part of either work group, please let us know.